Composer, conductor, voice teacher and music producer

. graduated from Music Academy  in Zagreb

. attended scientific studies (medicine, phonetics, speech pathology)

. attended school for speaking voice teacher (Switzerland)

. studied under many singing pedagogues

. wrote over 200 compositions

. teaches at the Art Academy of the University in Split

. professional choral director (Music Theatre Komedija -Zagreb)

. mentor and leader of the Vocal Academy and School for Choral Directors

. voice rehabilitator (Policlinic SUVAG-Zagreb)

. holds seminars and workshops on vocal art, pedagogy and musical aesthetics; teaches vocal education to singers, actors, announcers, speech therapist etc. in Croatia and abroad

. participates in international scientific and artistic symposiums on voice and music

. publishes expert works and books on music art, vocal science and pedagogy

. music producer and sound recorder for classic and folklore music

. member of the jury at international competitions of choruses and instrumentalists

. adviser for Croatia in International Federation for Chorus Music (IFCM)

. member of the International Assembly of World Choir Games

. President of the Croatian Association of Chorus Conductors (HUZ)

. member of Croatian and foreign scientific associations

. recipient of numerous awards for composing, conducting and music-producing work